Two new projects join the Task Force

We are pleased to announce the RPTF’s newest partnerships! The Shortwave Radio Audio Archive and the Radio Spectrum Archive are spearheaded by Thomas Witherspoon, a longtime RPTF contributor.

The Shortwave Radio Audio Archive

The Shortwave Radio Audio Archive (SRAA) is a curated collection of primarily homemade shortwave radio recordings. The SRAA specializes in the archiving and sharing of air check and off-air recordings from radio enthusiasts and hobbyists across the globe. The collection grows every day and includes both historic recordings and modern recordings from across the shortwave radio spectrum. The goal of this SRAA is to have a dedicated space to store, archive and propagate these unique off-air recordings that might otherwise be lost as magnetic media fades.

The Radio Spectrum Archive 

The Radio Spectrum Archive (RSA) allows listeners to experience radio history as it happened.  It offers listeners the ability to tune through a radio band, listening not only to individual stations, but to all the stations, providing richly relevant radio context from the time. The RSA team believes that radio spectrum recordings are contextually-rich, dynamic, and engaging “time capsules” of our collective human history, we actively seek ways to preserve and protect these recordings in order to share them with current and future generations.

To learn more about these projects, explore their websites. Still curious? Check out Witherspoon’s projects, including, which celebrates all things ham radio and The SWLing Post, a community of shortwave radio and amateur radio enthusiasts sharing shortwave radio reviews and news.

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