Organizational Plan

Executive Operations

Organizationally, the RPTF operates semi-autonomously, with its own National Director, and is authorized to develop projects and initiatives consistent with its charge. The Director coordinates with the RPTF Chair, who serves as a liaison to the NRPB, and both the Chair and Director report directly to the Board.

Consistent with its goals of promoting preservation of, research on, and educational uses of archival radio collections, RPTF activities are coordinated by three executive-level divisions, each of which has its own executive committee composed of individuals with expertise in their respective areas. Executive divisions are responsible for (1) coordinating RPTF operations relevant to their area and advising the National Director on key priorities and needed resources, (2) developing and compiling public resources for release through the RPTF website, and (3) developing new initiatives to complement or support work performed by other RPTF units.





Standing Projects