Partnerships and Collaborations

The RPTF works in partnership with other research and preservation groups in the US and abroad.

Wilson Center
Media Ecology Project
Radio Survivor
Hoover Institution
Orphan Film Symposium
California Audiovisual Preservation Project
Pacifica Radio Archives
The Paley Center for Media
Studs Terkel Radio Archive
National Council on Public History
National Federation of Community Broadcasters
In Media Res
American Archive of Public Broadcasting
St. Louis Media History Foundation
Smithsonian Channel
Broadcast Education Association
Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Media History Digital Library
Media and the Movement
National Communication Association
Sounding Out!
Prometheus Radio Project
National Archives
NPRSociety for Cinema and Media Studies
British Library
Alan Lomax Centennial
Third Coast International Audio Festival
Media Archaeology Lab
Brooklyn Pirate Radio Sound Map
Wave Farm
Special Collections in Mass Media & Culture, University of Maryland
Black Women in Radio