Standing Projects

Photo by Israa Ali on Unsplash

The RPTF maintains several standing partnerships consistent with areas central to its mission statement.

Metadata Directors: Mark Matienzo
Stanford University
William Vanden Dries
Indiana University
Network Director: Emily Goodman
Northeastern University

This project operates in fulfillment of the NRPB’s charge “to develop an online inventory of extant American radio archival collections.” It includes a Network Division, which performs outreach work to solicit collection information from relevant collection holders, and a Metadata Division that ingests and cleans this collection information and maintains the recordings database. To read more about the founding of the collection, follow this link.

Cold War Communications Project

Director:  Anna Mazurkiewicz
University of Gdansk
Director: Jane Curry
University of California, Santa Clara

This project operates in partnership with archives and research institutions throughout the world to promote preservation of and scholarship on radio collections documenting Cold War history and culture. It includes an Archives Division, whose work focuses on identification and preservation of relevant collection materials, and a Research Division, whose members compile, produce, and disseminate original scholarship on these collections.

Sound Submissions

Project Director: Josh Shepperd
University of Colorado

This project is currently under development and expected to launch sometime in 2021. Further details will be posted soon.