Launching La TopoRadio

The RPTF is pleased to announce the launch of La TopoRadio— the best place on the web to explore historical research about Spanish-language radio. La TopoRadio is an interactive map that lets users discover publications about historic and contemporary stations.

The project supports the goal of the RPTF to bring attention to the multifaceted history of radio in the United States. Spanish-language broadcasters have been part of the nation’s heritage since the dawn of the radio era, but this history is often sidelined in official accounts of radio history. Spanish-language programs continue to grow in popularity and geographic reach even while English-language listenership has declined. 

La TopoRadio has already benefited from participation of scholars, librarians, and archivists from around the country– but there is still more to add!

If you know of a publication or archive that should be on the map, get in touch and make a suggestion to this ongoing project.

The project is the brainchild of Eric Silberberg and draws heavily on the expertise of RPTF Spanish-Language Caucus Members Dr. Inés Casillas, and Dr. Sonia Robles.

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